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Dernières nouvelles

23 janvier 2015
Submissions for the Euro-Mediterranean category of the Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2015 are now open!

The Catalonia Ecodesign Award is looking for innovative products, products under development and product-fostering strategies created by designers, manufacturers or promoters that are designed to improve the environmental performance of products and services over the course of their life cycle.

15 décembre 2014
The SCP/RAC Focal Points gathered to participate on the SCP Action Plan consultation process

On 25-26 November SCP/RAC brought together in Barcelona (Spain) its National Focal Points for an extraordinary meeting to collect their feedback on the first draft of the SCP Action Plan for the Mediterranean as part of a regional consultation process.

9 décembre 2014
SCP/RAC deepening on how to provide access to finance for green businesses and sustainable entrepreneurs within the Global Eco Forum

A SCP/RAC team of the EC funded SWITCH-Med Programme organized a participative workshop entitled ¨Financing pathways for green businesses and sustainable entrepreneurs¨ on 28th of November from 15.00-17.00 at the Global Eco Forum, that took place as part of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders.

23 septembre 2014
SWITCH-MED organizes the webinar "Circular Economy Actions in the Mediterranean" at the Disruptive Innovation Festival

Can a prosperous and regenerative circular economy replace the challenged linear “take make dispose” economy?  With the aim of answering this question an SCP/RAC team of SWITCH-Med is organising a webinar on the latest efforts in the Mediterranean region to put circular economy thinking in place, in the framework of the Disruption Innovation Festival (DIF).

9 septembre 2014
The circular economy as an opportunity for companies

The shift to a circular economy can only be achieved with the participation of enterprises whose core business it’s not only focused into economic aspects, but is also oriented to environmental and social aspects. At the same time, the circular economy would benefit social and green enterprises since it would bring different stakeholders together to reach the common goal of a green economy.

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