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Nouvelles 2014

15 décembre 2014
The SCP/RAC Focal Points gathered to participate on the SCP Action Plan consultation process

On 25-26 November SCP/RAC brought together in Barcelona (Spain) its National Focal Points for an extraordinary meeting to collect their feedback on the first draft of the SCP Action Plan for the Mediterranean as part of a regional consultation process.

11 décembre 2014
New green business opportunities on alternatives to hazardous chemicals in the Mediterranean

On the 18th and 19th of November Alger hosed a seminar titled "Green chemistry and eco-entrepreneurship" aiming at supporting Green Entrepreneurs for a POPs Free Mediterranean. More than 40 participants were trained during two productive days, in which international experts presented green alternatives to hazardous chemicals (in particular Persistent Organic Pollutants, POPs) and shared key tools for the creation of a competitive eco-business.

9 décembre 2014
SCP/RAC deepening on how to provide access to finance for green businesses and sustainable entrepreneurs within the Global Eco Forum

A SCP/RAC team of the EC funded SWITCH-Med Programme organized a participative workshop entitled ¨Financing pathways for green businesses and sustainable entrepreneurs¨ on 28th of November from 15.00-17.00 at the Global Eco Forum, that took place as part of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders.

30 octobre 2014
The Ecosystem approach for the Mediterranean marine and coastal ecosystems achieves its milestones toward COP 19

The Secretariat of the Barcelona Convention (UNEP/MAP) organised the 4th Coordination group meeting of the Ecosystem Approach (EcAp) project with the objective of presenting and discussing the latest developments of the project with the Mediterranean countries representatives on 9-10 October.

23 septembre 2014
SWITCH-MED organizes the webinar "Circular Economy Actions in the Mediterranean" at the Disruptive Innovation Festival

Can a prosperous and regenerative circular economy replace the challenged linear “take make dispose” economy?  With the aim of answering this question an SCP/RAC team of SWITCH-Med is organising a webinar on the latest efforts in the Mediterranean region to put circular economy thinking in place, in the framework of the Disruption Innovation Festival (DIF).

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