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Archives des nouvelles » Stockholm Convention has launched the POPs free initiative

Stockholm Convention has launched the POPs free initiative

20 avril 2011 | Updated: 20 juin 2011

In order to assist Parties in meeting their obligations, the Secretariat of Stockholm Convention has launched an initiative on POPs-free products and processes. The initiative seeks to encourage manufacturers and retailers of consumer products, who have phased-out POPs, to provide information on POPs-free products, on possible alternatives and substitutes and processes for introducing such alternatives and substitutes.

In a pilot project, two entities have agreed on a voluntary basis, to test products through a laboratory hosted by the Environment Agency of Austria. The key criteria for being a POPs-free product was that such a product did not contain or consist of chemicals listed in Annex A, B or C of the Stockholm Convention. The results of the analysis determined that two products are POPs-free: The LiceMeister® comb and Paxymer™.

Governments, companies, consumer associations and all other interested stakeholders are invited to contact the Secretariat to obtain further information and discuss opportunities for support, collaboration and participation in activities of the POPs-free initiative.

More information on POPs free initiative: http://chm.pops.int


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