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SAICM Implementation in Malta

The 2009 project "National Chemicals Management Profile Development and National Priority Setting in Malta" was supported by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), with the financial assistance of the Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production (CP/RAC)

The objective of National Profiles is to provide better coordination between ministries, easy access and exchange of information, participation of the parties involved, establishment of priorities and an integration of the activities for the sound management of chemicals in the national planning processes of development.

During the year 2008, the CP/RAC contacted with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in order to establish a framework for collaboration in the implementation of SAICM in Malta. Also, the Malta Standards Authority (MSA) was contacted by the CP/RAC in the same regard.

As a result of these contacts, the CP/RAC signed in February a Memorandum of Understanding with UNITAR in which it was agreed the terms for the collaboration in the development of the National Profile for SAICM in Malta. On the other hand, UNITAR signed a MoU with MSA which was recognized as the Implementing Agency.

The beggining of the project started with the organization of the National Profile Planning , held in the city of La Valetta (Malta), on 21st July of 2009.

The overall objective of the meeting was to raise awareness on the National Profile project for the management of chemicals; to discuss responsibilities; and to agree on the work plan and timeframe to complete the project.

A number of 16 particpants from different sectors (health, agriculture, customs, etc.) attended to the meeting. A representative from both CP/RAC and UNITAR were also present.

The objectives of the project were presented  to all participants and also a proposed work plan with the time frame for the completion of the project. This was followed by an introduction of the SAICM and a presentation of the methodology for the development of the National Profile.

After that, participants were divided in two working groups and they held a brief discussion. Back to plenary, the reporteurs of both working groups presented the results and before closing the meeting, it was adopted the work plan and time frame for the development of the project.

From August to November 2009, all relevant groups worked in data gathering and the MSA developed the draft National Profile and distributed among stackeholders in order to receive their comments and suggestions.

On 9th November, it was organized the National Profile Planning Meeting.


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