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MedClean: What is it?

The MedClean files contain practical cases of actions of waste and emission minimisation carried out by companies from the countries taking part in the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP). The publication of these practical cases in Spanish, English and French, promotes the sharing of experiences and knowledge at the same time as it makes known examples of the practical application of cleaner production in Mediterranean companies.

Improvement actions may consist of changes and modifications to processes or specific stages of a process, such as, production, storage, cleaning or transport; changes to or elimination of raw materials; the implementation of good environmental housekeeping practices or the use of new technologies, aimed at saving resources, avoiding the generation of waste and emissions, saving on costs, etc. and incorporating criteria of ecoefficiency and sustainability. Also those that bring about modifications of the product.

The files illustrate real examples of enterprises in the region, showing their feasibility through balances that incluye economic and environmental aspects.

There is no established frequency for the publication of the MedClean files, although about 12 are published every year. There had been 121 published up to the end of December 2009.

Although the Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production (RAC/CP) carries out the co-ordination and making up of the files, the cases and examples published are supplied by the participating countries, via their National Focal Point. If you have any practical case of interest, we highly appreciate to contact the National Focal Point in your country, in order to include it on the collection.

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