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The MedClean files compile case studies on the use of cleaner production techniques by companies in the Mediterranean countries, demonstrating their viability through assessments that include economic and environmental aspects. Their publication promotes the exchange of experiences and knowledge while at the same time disseminating practical examples of cleaner production to companies in the region.

While the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) is responsible for the compilation and layout of the files, the cases and examples published are provided by members of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) through their National Focal Points. If you have any examples that may be of interest, please contact the Focal Point in your country so that they can forward it to us, or email us at info@cprac.org.


№ 48 Installati on of immersed compact piping for heating flux removal baths

№ 47 Optimisation of a steam production system

№ 46 Reduction of water consumption

№ 45 Recovery of rinsing baths and substitution of cyanide zinc

№ 44 Reduction of the liquor ratio in a textile company

№ 43 Energy recovery in a textile company

№ 42 Process modification to consume less water in the cleaning operations

№ 41 Reduction of re-dyeing in a textile company

№ 40 Reduction on the whey generation

№ 39 Pollution prevention in a dairy industry

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