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Archivo de noticias » BAT4MED project invited to the H2020 meeting in Copenhagen

BAT4MED project invited to the H2020 meeting in Copenhagen

14 Abril 2011 | Actualizado: 13 Septiembre 2011

Co-ordination with other ongoing initiatives aiming at increasing environmental protection in the Mediterranean region is seen as key by partners to ensure the success of the BAT4MED project. To this aim, the project consortium is implementing a wide range of networking activities to co-ordinate efforts with other initiatives and programmes in the region and identify potential synergies that can help increase project impact.

An example of this horizontal collaboration is represented by the participation of IAT as project co-ordinator in the second Horizon 2020 Review, Monitoring and Research (RMR) sub-group meeting, which took place on 30-31 March 2011 at the premises of the European Environment Agency (EEA) in Copenhagen (Denmark). 

The second RMR sub-group meeting gathered more than 40 experts from Southern Mediterranean and West Balkan partner countries. This second meeting of the sub-group, strongly embedded in both the H2020 initiative and the ENP Framework through the ENPI-SEIS project (http://enpi-seis.ew.eea.europa.eu/), allowed its participants to take stock of the most recent developments of the H2020 initiative, the results of the ENPI/SEIS consultation meeting held in November 2010, and also of other research projects and activities in the Mediterranean. Organised around breakout groups, the RMR sub-group discussed extensively how to develop a regular reporting process to monitor environmental progress "depolluting the Mediterranean" with a particular focus on the three H2020 priority issues of urban waste water, municipal waste and industrial emissions.

The meeting was very constructive and came out with several practical next steps. In particular this included the development of three pilots to help promote the testing and demonstration of what can be achieved measuring progress on the three priorities, and of the processes needed for this. During the event, IAT had the opportunity to present BAT4MED activities and share different views on industrial pollution reduction with key players all over the Mediterranean region. In this regard, both IAT and the EEAA agreed to jointly follow the BAT4MED and ENPI-SEIS initiatives, in order to identify synergies and co-ordinate the planned activities, ensuring thus a greater impact in the region.



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