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Archives des nouvelles » Green Entrepreneurship and Eco-Design Workshop in Egypt

Green Entrepreneurship and Eco-Design Workshop in Egypt

18 novembre 2011 | Updated: 8 février 2012
Green Entrepreneurship and Eco-design Workshop in Egypt

On November 16th and 17th it was held in American University in Cairo (Egypt) a Workshop on Green Entrepreneurship and Eco-Design organized by the UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Center for Cleaner Production (CP/RAC).

The purpose of the workshop was to inform on and train Egyptian entrepreneurs in sustainable entrepreneurship, touching some basic points about making green enterprises, including laws, real opportunities, business plan and eco-design methodologies, and ethical financing organizations to achieve a sustainable balance and a social aim of investment. Some successful stories of green enterprises in the Mediterranean area were also analyzed and discussed among the 30 participants of the workshop.

The workshop was divided into opening sessions in the morning and closed and practical sessions in the afternoon, where participants could work on their green business plan with the direct advice of the speakers of the workshop.

The speakers were Jesus Iglesias, responsible entrepreneurship and social responsibility expert, co-founder of Emprendae; Nicola Cerantola, founder and eco-design consultant expert of Ecologing, partner of Emprendae for the Techonological Innovation Development Area, and eco-design trainer expert at IEDE; Ali Abo Sena, QSP-SAICM project manager and Deputy Director of the Egypt National Cleaner Production Centre; and Francesca Culcasi, external expert on green entrepreneurship of the CP/RAC.

The Green Entrepreneurship and Eco-Design Workshop was the last activity of the 3-days workshops Egypt Green Days, a CP/RAC initiative with the support from CEDARE and the American University in Cairo.

This training is part of the Green Entrepreneurship initiative leaded by CP/RAC, in order to connect the Mediterranean entrepreneurial tradition with the emergent economic green models, inspired by environmental and social sustainability.


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