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Archives des nouvelles » Plastic Busters MPAs' mutual learning workshop: SCP/RAC brings together marine litter experts and MPAs managers in the Ebro Delta Natural Park

Plastic Busters MPAs' mutual learning workshop: SCP/RAC brings together marine litter experts and MPAs managers in the Ebro Delta Natural Park

23 novembre 2021 | Updated: 24 novembre 2021

Huge amounts of plastics are dumped into the Mediterranean Sea every day, making the Mediterranean basin one of the regions most affected by this global problem. Plastics are aproximately 95% of floating marine debris and more than 50% of debris found on the seabed (UNEP / MAP, 2015). The marine protected areas of the Mediterranean (AMPs), the guardians of the biodiversity of the Mare Nostrum, are at the forefront of the impacts of this plastic threat. Plastic pollution is a borderless threat and coordinated regional action are essential to effectively address the problem of plastics.

In Catalonia, the Delta de l'Ebre Natural Park (PN), the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) and the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) have implemented this summer a pilot consisting of a reusable cup distribution system for beach bars and festivals in the 7 municipalities Delta de l'Ebre NP. This pilot test was carried out within the framework of the Plastic Busters MPAs project, which is funded by the Interreg Med program and in which the ARC-SCP / RAC participates.

About 35,000 reusable cups have been washed and reused between 14 beach bars and in 9 popular festivals in the different municipalities of the PN.

In order to present this pilot test and others coordinated by the ARC-SCP/RAC and to be able to transfer and disseminate these initiatives, the Plastic Busters MPAs project is organizing a mutual learning workshop on 24 and 25 November in Deltebre: slashing marine plastic pollution in Mediterranean MPAs: from field data and knowledge to collective actions.

This workshop will include the knowledge, know-how, experience and lessons learned obtained with the implementation of the pilot tests carried out by the Plastic Busters MPAs project in 10 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of the Mediterranean, with the main goal of preventing and mitigating marine litter.

Pilot tests have implemented a set of different solutions to mitigate marine litter such as:

• The establishment of a system for the management of abandoned fishing gear waste,

• the prevention of single-use-plastics (SUP) in the tourism sector,

• the promotion of the sustainable management of waste from mussel farmers,

• the creation of a system of reusable cups for beach bars and festivals,

• the implementation of a network of beverage containers collection points,

• the adoption of an ‘adopt-a-beach’ scheme, etc.


The workshop brings together two large groups of participants:

• MPA managers who play a central role in initiating the implementation of measures to prevent and mitigate marine litter in their MPAs,

• NGOs and policy makers at a regional, national and local levels who are key actors in developing measures for the prevention and mitigation of marine litter and in promoting its replication and implementation.

The event is organized by SCP/RAC, MIO ECSDE, and ISPRA; and takes part in the celebrations of the 1st Day of the Mediterranean (28th November) launched by the Union for the Mediterranean. The event is also held in the framework of the European Week for Watse Reduction (EWWR) 



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