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Notícies de 2018

7 Març 2018
SCP/RAC recrute 2 experts, envoyez-nous votre candidature!

SCP/RAC recrute 2 experts dans le cadre d'un projet pilote développé en Tunisie, dans le secteur des produits chimiques toxiques. 

3 Desembre 2018
Act4litter shortlists more than 100 measures to curb marine litter


We all have seen in the media recently the shocking images of whales washed up dead on the coast of Indonesia or Spain with their stomachs found to be filled with plastic waste. Plastic pollution is undoubtedly a big threat for our seas, with severe impacts on a large number of marine species

31 Octubre 2018
SCP/RAC kicks-off in the Western Balkans to tackle food & beverage plastic packaging – call for consultants

SCP/RAC, supported through the Cooperation Agreement between UN Environment and IMELS (Italian Ministry of Environment Land and Sea) and EBRD (European Bank for Construction and Development), has recently started a series of activities aiming at improving the policy framework and engaging with the food & beverage industry in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro for tackling plastics packaging value chains in a circular economy.

4 Octubre 2018
Heroes disembark in the Mediterranean to fight against single-use plastics

SCP/RAC and Zero Zbel (Zero Waste) have come together to promote solutions against single-use plastics among the Mediterranean inhabitants through the SwitchMed programme.

25 Setembre 2018
Plastic Busters MPAs

The Plastic Busters MPAs is an Interreg Med funded project aiming to contribute to maintaining biodiversity and preserving natural ecosystems in pelagic and coastal MPAs, by defining and implementing a harmonized approach against marine litter. The project entails actions that address the whole management cycle of marine litter, from monitoring and surveillance to prevention and mitigation actions.

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