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Arxiu de notícies

Arxiu de notícies

1 Octubre 2019
SCP/RAC’s support to Tunisia in phasing out single-use plastic bags: review of industrial norms and legal framework

The government of Tunisia has elaborated a decree to ban single-use plastic bags, which will be shortly approved. In order to prepare the country for the enforcement, SCP/RAC has provided technical assistance to the government in key aspects. Firstly, technical advice was provided on the draft decree, as well as on the socioeconomic study commissioned by the government on the situation of bags productions and consumption in the country.

16 Setembre 2019
The Ministry of Environment – Egypt and SCP/RAC are joining force to “limit single-use plastic bags” with the holding of a consultative workshop in Cairo

The Ministry of Environment, in cooperation with SCP/RAC, has announced the holding of a consultative workshop entitled Leer la noticia entera

16 Setembre 2019
Focal Points of UNEP/MAP examine measures aimed at boosting the implementation of the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols

▪ Representatives of Mediterranean States and the European Union discussed new measures aimed at curbing pollution, protecting biodiversity and stimulating blue growth in the Mediterranean region.

▪ Decisions examined by the Focal Points of UNEP/MAP are crucial to the achievement of Good Environmental Status in the Mediterranean.

26 Juliol 2019
SCP/RAC seeks consultants to support the implementation of a measure with beach bars to prevent marine litter in Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park (Albania)

Marine litter in the Mediterranean is a critical issue. Marine litter is strongly related to unbalanced waste management policies and practices, increased industrial (especially plastic) production, and unsustainable consumption patterns. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), which by definition should be unpolluted, are however under special threat by this pressure.

26 Juliol 2019
The SwitchersFund presents the #BagToTheFuture Awards, a collaboration between SCP/RAC and VeryNile to tackle the use of single use plastic bags in Egypt

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to bring your innovative ideas for our brand new challenge #BagToTheFuture.

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