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Arxiu de notícies

Arxiu de notícies

25 Setembre 2020
Toxic Additives in Plastics: Hidden Hazards Linked to Common Plastic Products

Toxic chemicals of concern that are widespread in common plastic products can hinder the momentum for a circular economy.

25 Setembre 2020
SCP/RAC is now seeking an experienced Project Manager to run the EU-funded STAND Up! project: Sustainable Textile Action for Networking and Development of circular economy business ventures in the Mediterranean


SCP/RAC is welcoming and leading STAND Up!, a new EU-funded project under the ENI-CBC Med Programme aiming at developing an ecosystem of business support, innovation, and technology transfer that will lead to sustainable job creation for youth and women, with the goal to enhance scalable, replicable and inclusive circular economy ventures in the Mediterranean. 

18 Setembre 2020
SCP/RAC is seeking a project manager to support sustainable business development under the SwitchMed initiative

Within the framework of the EU-funded SwitchMed initiative, the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) is seeking a project manager with experience in the southern Mediterranean to design, organize, coordinate and monitor support activities to entrepreneurs in this region.

The position demands experience in green and/ or social entrepreneurship, circular economy or social innovation.

3 Agost 2020
SCP/RAC is seeking an expert in M&E and data analysis

SCP/RAC is seeking an expert in M&E and data analysis to support its review of the current suite of SCP indicators used to measure progress on the Regional Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Mediterranean (2016 – 2027) of the Barcelona Convention/Mediterranean Action Plan.

15 Juliol 2020
SCP/RAC is looking for communication professionals to support the creation of the new Mediterranean Green Business Award
  • The Mediterranean Green Business Award is a Flagship Initiative of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development 2016-2025
  • The MAP – Barcelona Convention system has the institutional mandate, via this MSSD Flagship Initiative, to create and promote a Mediterranean Green Business Award.

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