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Arxiu de notícies » Webinar Announcement: The business case for tackling plastic packaging in the food and beverage sector

Webinar Announcement: The business case for tackling plastic packaging in the food and beverage sector

6 Novembre 2020
  • The webinar will unveil inspiring practices from the Food & Beverage value chain and an innovative mentoring tool to help companies tackle plastic packaging.   
  • Business support organisations (BSOs), companies and any other organisation concerned by plastic packaging and related waste are invited to join the free-of-charge SCP/RAC webinar on November 24 (Tuesday), 3 pm CET. You can register here.
  • The webinar takes place during the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR)



Designing and implementing sustainable packaging solutions to prevent marine litter is anything but easy. Appropriate responses should be selected based on both an overview of possible good practices and a deep understanding of the company's context and priorities. However, often companies, and the business support organisations meant to help them, are lacking the knowledge to tackle this issue.   

SCP/RAC’s latest report “The business case for tackling plastic packaging” showcases examples of business practices from across the Food & Beverage value chain that have proved successful in preventing plastic packaging waste generation. The report will be launched at the webinar.  

SCP/RAC has also partnered with Inédit, a Spanish innovation specialised company, to deliver a fit-for-purpose mentoring framework that has been used by a pool of consultants in three Western Balkans countries to help companies acknowledge their use of plastics in packaging, define their priorities in terms of plastic packaging reduction or removal, and translate them into staged action plans.  

Join SCP/RAC, Inédit, local mentors and EBRD members in this interactive session, and hear how these two tools have already helped improve BSOs’ services to companies in the Western Balkans.  








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