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News Archive

News Archive

21st November 2019
SCP/RAC releases “Priority areas of intervention to curb marine litter from food and beverage plastic packaging in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro"
  • Plastic packaging, particularly from the food and beverage (FB) sector, represents the largest fraction of marine litter to be found on the beaches, the seafloor and in the water column in the Adriatic Sea.
  • Regarding FB plastic packaging littered or ending in dumpsites per person and year, it is estimated at the level of 14 kg in Albania, 7 kg in BiH and 4 kg in Montenegro.
11th November 2019
Microbeads found in personal care products in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, call for action

Several personal care and hygiene products produced in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been found to contain microbeads (defined as plastics smaller than 5 mm). These particles end up in wastewater system and ultimately contribute to the problem of marine litter. This research has been conducted by SCP/RAC in collaboration with partners in the countries.

29th October 2019
The winner of the UNWRAP AWARD - Ready to support sustainable packaging to food delivery in Albania

A big congratulations to BABOON, winner of the #UNWRAP award, a regional challenge for the prevention and reduction of single-use plastic packaging in the food and beverage sector in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The winner presented their new packaging for delivery service at the Innovation Fest, where it received the Award.

22nd October 2019
Welcoming GIMED: The Green Impact MED Project - Positive Investments for Positive Impacts


1st October 2019
SCP/RAC’s support to Tunisia in phasing out single-use plastic bags: review of industrial norms and legal framework

The government of Tunisia has elaborated a decree to ban single-use plastic bags, which will be shortly approved. In order to prepare the country for the enforcement, SCP/RAC has provided technical assistance to the government in key aspects. Firstly, technical advice was provided on the draft decree, as well as on the socioeconomic study commissioned by the government on the situation of bags productions and consumption in the country.

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