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News Archive » 2010

News of 2010

14th December 2010
Enrique de Villamore, new CP/RAC director

CP/RAC starts a new stage with the nomination of its new Director, Enrique de Villamore Martín. Enrique, age 35, has an eight-year experience working as technical staff in the Centre.

The new Director faces a key moment in the Centre as the first year from the 2010-2011 work plan is near to its accomplishment and CP/RAC has to reach new goals in supporting the efforts of Mediterranean countries to shift to more sustainable patterns of consumption and production. 

15th February 2010
Ecomeda Green Forum, companies and environment together in Barcelona

The CP/RAC and ASCAME are organising the 4th edition of the Ecomeda Forum that will be held on 25 and 26 November in Barcelona. The objective of the gathering is the symbiosis of business interests with respect for the environment.

22nd November 2010
Empieza la IV Semana Mediterránea de Líderes Económicos

El lunes 22 de noviembre comienzan los actos de la IV Semana Mediterránea de Líderes Económicos, dentro de la que se encuentra el 4º Ecomeda Green Forum, organizado por el CAR/PL, y que se celebrará los días 25 y 26 de noviembre en la Casa Llotja de Mar, en Barcelona.

4th October 2010
UN Conventions Seek to Strengthen National Control of International Chemicals and Waste Trade

The First joint consultation of Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions with the Basel and Stockholm Convention Regional Centres and FAO and UNEP Regional Offices in Barcelona coordinates actions on hazardous chemicals and waste and the enforcement of the conventions.

15th September 2010
Greco Capacity Building in Lebanon

After the launch of GRECO INITIATIVE in Lebanon with the GRECO Forum, hold in January 2010, the CP/RAC moves forward with the GRECO strategy implementation in the country. The next step consists on a Capacity Building journey that will take place the 23rd of September in Beirut.

Sant Pau Recinte Modernista. Pavelló de Nostra Senyora de la Mercè Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167. 08025 Barcelona, Catalunya (Spain)