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Arxiu de notícies » Did you miss out on our side event at the BRS COP this year? – Watch the recording and learn about POPs prevention now!

Did you miss out on our side event at the BRS COP this year? – Watch the recording and learn about POPs prevention now!

9 Agost 2021 | Actualitzat: 11 Agost 2021

We’re very thankful for all of those who made possible this side event last week and made it a great success with over 100 attendants online! 

If you still haven’t heard about this, check out the announcement for the side event "EXPLORING STRATEGIES TO BOOST NEW POPS PREVENTION: THE CASE OF PFAs" that took place last Wednesday 28th of July here. 

We asked top level experts to join us - during the Conference of the Parties of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm convention this year - to learn about the existing and emerging strategies to tackle the new POPs listed under the Stockholm Convention such as PFAS.  

  • Expert Gretta Goldenman from the Green Science Policy Institute filled us in with some of the key impacts of forever chemicals, how PFAS contamination is a global issue affecting the most remote regions. Not only do they impact human health and the enviornment.. The costs of inaction are also observed indirect areas such as food contamination, loss of property value, product replacement and more. Find out what we can do in her final slides!
  • Jewel Batchasingh, Director of the BCRC Caribbean and Maurissa Charles, Project Execution Officer II of the same centre, explained the legislative challenges in the Caribbean, provided an overview of the regional model Integrated Chemicals Management Act and gave insights into their experience on PFOS/PFAS mitigation anf the trasnition to PFAS-free firefighting foam. 
  • ChemSec’s Senior Business Advisor, Daryl Ditz gave an overview of ChemSec’s work, including their SIN list database and ChemScore, tools developed to better understand what can be done to involve the world’s largest chemical companies on their efforts to reduce their chemical footprints. 
  • Finally, we had Ian Keyte from the consulting agency WOOD that explained step by step the recently developed tool tools to quantify POPs eliminated or reduced. A roubust tool developed for the EBRD to account for the quantities of new POPs that will be phased out of the market under the MedProgramme.  

You can now access the final presentation and the full recording of the session (in English).  You can also find more information about the other BRS COPs side events by clicking here

If you enjoyed this event and found the content relevant, please share these links with your network. 



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