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Arxiu de notícies » Now available: TheSwitchers.org platform, an innovative and free tool to boost sustainable entrepreneurship

Now available: TheSwitchers.org platform, an innovative and free tool to boost sustainable entrepreneurship

30 Març 2021

The digital platform enables interactions among the key players of the sustainable business ecosystem and gathers all methodologies and tools developed by SCP/RAC. It will be presented during a demonstration webinar to take place on the 28th of April. 


SCP/RAC is happy to announce TheSwitchers.org platform is available! 

It’s online, 

It’s free, 

If you’re working in the field of Green Entrepreneurship, it’s for you! 


This brand new tool was developed by the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) within the framework of the SwitchMed programme to enable interactions among entrepreneurs, business providers, mentors and financial institutions willing to develop novel business models in the field of Green and Circular Economy.    

TheSwitchers.org is a virtual business ecosystem used by key players to find their own path to salient aspects of the Switchers Support Programme’s service offer: 

  • Circular and Green Entrepreneurs have access to free and virtualized support services to create and enhance their sustainable businesses, with or without the assistance of a mentor, funding opportunities and they can exchange with a community of like-minded eco-innovators. 
  • Business Support Organizations (BSOs) benefit from a complete suite to launch and manage business opportunities such as calls for applications, awards and trainings. They are able to create and track trainings and mentoring groups, assign mentors and monitor performance of supported entrepreneurs. 
  • Mentors and Experts are in a position to manage and deliver technical assistance to entrepreneurs and enterprises, in an intuitive and productive way. 
  • Financial Institutions are offered a dedicated dash-board to scout investment opportunities. They have access to key financial data and interact directly with hosted entrepreneurs and enterprises. 
  • Decision-makers can use the platform as a space to find state-of-the-art knowledge and best practices on Sustainable and Circular Economy policies. 
  • Corporate buyers and final consumers have access to leading edge eco-innovation made available by more than 400 entrepreneurs, start-ups and civil society initiatives, building the Switchers Community.  

TheSwitchers.org platform is particularly innovative thanks to the unique set of methodologies and tools for sustainable business development it offers through its Toolbox. SCP/RAC started designing and digitalising green business support methodologies during the first phase of SwitchMed in order to make these tools accessible to the wider audience, thus promoting sustainable entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region and beyond.  

In addition to this Toolbox, TheSwitchers.org also hosts:

  • The SwitchersFund: the platform providing and facilitating direct funding and business support services to existing and future green, circular and social entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean Region;
  • The Switchers Community website: the virtual place where entrepreneurs who share a common passion for the environment can meet;
  • In the months to come, TheSwitchers.org will display a fourth section, the Policy Hub, which will enable the users to learn about and keep abreast of enabling policies for sustainable businesses in the Mediterranean. 

A virtual event dedicated to the presentation of this new platform and putting special emphasis on the Toolbox will be held on the 28th of April. Experts will make a demonstration of its different tools while participants will have the opportunity to directly interact asking their questions. More information in the days to come on our social networks. 


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