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Arxiu de notícies » SCP/RAC is hiring! Find our call for proposals for the GEF MedProgramme

SCP/RAC is hiring! Find our call for proposals for the GEF MedProgramme

22 Febrer 2018 | Actualitzat: 1 Març 2018



SCP/RAC is hiring two consultants in the framework of the GEF-funded programme entitled “Mediterranean Sea Programme (MedProgramme): Enhancing Environment Security”.

SCP/RAC is involved in the preparation phase of the  GEF MedProgramme, and on the preparation of the project document for the component 1. Child Project 1.1.

SCP/RAC also carries out the prevention and elimination of POPs/New POPs and the elimination of Mercury.

The Child Project 1.1 aims to reduce pollution from harmful chemicals and wastes in the Mediterranean hotspots and measure progress to impacts. It will cover national activities in five Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention (Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt, Lebanon, Montenegro, Morocco and Tunisia) as well as a number of regional activities involving all GEF eligible countries. Nevertheless, some other Contracting parties are expected to join in the project.


The first consultant will be hired in support for the prevention of the new POPs and the second in support on Mercury Elimination.


Consultant as a support for Elimination of Mercury:


Under the direct supervision of the UN Environment/MAP Deputy Coordinator in consultation with the GEF project manager responsible for the overall preparation of the MedProgramme, the consultant will be responsible for the following overall tasks:

  1. Provide guidance to countries on screening, inventorying, collecting, packaging, transfer, and handling of Mercury with local consultants;
  2. Contribute to the completion of the Mercury inventory including location of stockpiles as well as disposal plans and their estimated cost with local consultants;
  3. Help finalize the Mercury inventory with the data provided by countries with local consultants;
  4. Make economic scenarios on the concrete activities describing the cost of disposal;
  5. Prepare and provide inputs for UN Environment/MAP bodies reporting and for communication purposes and prepare progress reports on timely manner. 


Consultant as a support for the prevention of new POPs

 The consultant will be responsible for the following overall tasks:

  • Assist UNEP MAP SCPRAC on the overall technical development of the project document related to the prevention of New POPs (in particular, DecaBDE, SCCP, HBCD and PFOs);
  • Support the Ministry of Environment and other key stakeholders to research New POPs background information;
  • Support the identification of New POPs users (as a minimum, list of companies and contact person (address, phone and email) soliciting Stockholm Convention exemptions) in the country;
  • Contact New POPs users for project collaboration and possible site visit (as a minimum, contact the provided list of companies/sectors soliciting Stockholm Convention exemptions) in the country;
  • Support conducting research and inventory of New POPs use (New POP type, quantity used per year and exact location/company) in the country.



You can find the two Term Of References below.  


Contact: lucille.guiheneuf@scprac.org 


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