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Arxiu de notícies » The circular economy as an opportunity for companies

The circular economy as an opportunity for companies

9 Setembre 2014 | Actualitzat: 10 Setembre 2014

The shift to a circular economy can only be achieved with the participation of enterprises whose core business it’s not only focused into economic aspects, but is also oriented to environmental and social aspects. At the same time, the circular economy would benefit social and green enterprises since it would bring different stakeholders together to reach the common goal of a green economy.

These are some of the main ideas presented in the article “The Circular economy and opportunities for small businesses” posted by Francesca Culcasi from the SCP/RAC-SWITCH-Med team, Josephine Kohl and Anais Mangin from SEED, in The Practitioner Hub for inclusive businesses.

The circular economy is an economic model based on the recovering of materials and energy from used products.

You can read the complete article by clicking here


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