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Arxiu de notícies » Work with us: we’re looking for a Communications Officer (part time) under the project JUST2CE

Work with us: we’re looking for a Communications Officer (part time) under the project JUST2CE

3 Setembre 2021

SCP/RAC is welcoming JUST2CE, a new EU-funded project aiming at understanding the transition to a circular economy and its implications on the environment, economy and society. At this occasion, the centre is opening a part-time position and is looking for a communications professional with a university degree or equivalent in communication, marketing or other discipline or equivalent experience in a communication position.

In particular, the selected candidate will be expected to:

  • Assist in the design and development of the communication strategy of the project.
  • Manage and ensure the maintenance of various communication and positioning tools of the "JUST2CE" project, among them:

-        The management of the project website
-        The management of social networks to support the dissemination of the project
-        Off-line elements (brochures, PPT and word templates, roll-ups ...)

  • Daily management of social networks to ensure good interactivity with end users, moderation of the online community.
  • Assistance in the management and growth of the impact of the tools of communication (social media, newsletters, etc.), as well as return and participation active participation of the project partners and their beneficiaries, and implementation of the activities and the production of on-line and off-line tools, instruments and material for the corporate visibility and internal and external communication.
  • Support in writing content.
  • Ensure the dissemination of the events and meetings
  • Work closely with the rest of the SCP/RAC team to identify and implement results-oriented communication tools.
  • Identification and selection of external suppliers for the development of activities (preparation of terms of reference, identification of suppliers, selection and hiring of external experts and companies, supervision of tasks of suppliers, etc.).
  • Assistance in the identification and development, where appropriate, of tools based on performance and content marketing;
  • Organize, in collaboration with the Community & Engagement Officer of SCP/RAC the main project networking events and support partners of the project to achieve the successful implementation of events public in the framework of the project.


You can find all the information in the Term of Reference available here

Interested applicants are invited to submit their bid by 13 September 24:00 CET following the instruction given in the ToR.


More information about the JUST2CE project:

The project JUST2CE is based on the assumption that a critical evaluation of the Circular Economy (CE) paradigm, of its economic, societal, gender and policy implications, and of the outcomes of its implementation has not been conducted yet. A direct consequence of this gap is that the political economy and geopolitics of transition have been neglected in CE studies. European, and more in general global productive systems are characterized by geographical specialization– e.g. extractive Vs productive economies; core-periphery and north-south relations – that seek to maximize profits along the traditionally designed linear supply chains. These, often unequal and asymmetric, relations might seriously hamper the transition to a CE. To date, no studies have shed light on how such relations should be reconfigured to achieve circularity. This represents an urgent and major research gap that will be addressed by this project, which will therefore provide useful insights to policy-makers for evaluating the feasibility of the transition to the CE.

JUST2CE aims at understanding, in critical and thoughtful way, under which conditions a responsible, inclusive and social just transition to a circular economy is possible and desirable, what technical, political and social factors can enable or hamper such transformation and how these aspects can contribute to the development of transitional policy measures. The conviction underpinning the project is that the success of a transition towards a sustainable circular economy does not merely depend on the development of new technologies - artefacts or processes - but also in the reconfiguration of the governance of productive processes into more democratic and participatory mechanisms of designing and managing technology.



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