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Archivo de noticias » Third Project Management Board Meeting in Belgium

Third Project Management Board Meeting in Belgium

21 Febrero 2012 | Actualizado: 13 Noviembre 2012

The 3rd Project Management Board meeting took place on the 1st & 2nd February at the Multiburo building in Antwerp, Belgium, and counted with the participation of representatives from all partners organizations (IAT, VITO, SSSUP, CP/RAC, EEAA, CITET, CMPP and CEDARE). The meeting was divided in thematic workpackages and specific tasks, with an assessment of the activities carried out until the moment and envisioning new goals to be reached in the following months.

The meeting started with the contribution of the project leader, IAT, explaining to other partners all reporting and financial issues and the contributions required from each of them. Most of the deliverables and tasks to do are envisaged by end of May and beginning of June. About the Development of BAT Sector Reports, all deliverables have been submitted when required, even there is still some technical audits are on process. To accomplish that, some suggestions were made.

The project includes the meeting of technical working groups (TWG) in each Mediterranean Partner Country. The first meetings, for the establishment of the TGW took place in November. The second meetings were proposed for end of March and beginning of April. Those second meetings will be focused on the review of chapters 2 and 3 and on a first discussion about chapter 4 and the database on industrial processes and environmentally friendly techniques.

Concerning the Research Article, partners are drafting an abstract related to the activities carried out in WP2 in the framework of BAT4MED project that will be submitted to the 7th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (1-6 July, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia).

Furthermore, it is foreseen the organisation of two press conferences in the framework of two major international events. These press conferences will be addressed to BAT-BREF related stakeholders. All partners must look for events/conferences/meetings to disseminate project results and send a list of potential ones to CPRAC). Additionally, events already organised (as far as BAT4MED is concerned) must be reported to CPRAC.

The firsts National Workshops were already organised together with the kick-off meetings of the TWGs. Once the BAT Sector Reports are finalised (February 2013), it is foreseen the organisation of next 3 National Workshops in each MPC.


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