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Archivo de noticias » BAT4MED auditor’s trainings held in MPC

BAT4MED auditor’s trainings held in MPC

13 Octubre 2011 | Actualizado: 25 Noviembre 2011

The first impacts of the BAT4MED project were seen in the Mediterranean Partner Countries last September with the beginning of training seminars for auditors together with the first technical audits in industries. Both activities were carried out during 3 days (1 for training and 1 for each audit), starting in Tunisia on 19th of September, in Morocco the 23rd of September and in Egypt the 3rd of October.

The one-day training sessions gave the potential auditors information about the aims of the project, the aims of the audit and how to carry it out according to VITO’s and Santa Anna School advises. A general overview of the processes used in dairy and textile sectors was also given together with the appropriate techniques for those specific industries.

Companies’ audits were done in situ in one day including a visit to the facilities and collection of data and documentation. This information is been used to reach a diagnosis that will be given after to the company.

Training sessions as well as technical audits were done with experts from VITO and Santa Anna School. They presented the scope of the project, explained data needed for BAT reports and clarified the use and content of the checklists provided to auditors.

After that, capacitated auditors were able to carry out more 4 audits per sector in their countries and report the further results that will give essential data to write the expected BAT reports per sector per country.


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