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WHAT WE DO » Tools for companies

Tools for companies

The involvement and participation of the production sector in the transition towards more sustainable models of consumption and production are essential. Mediterranean business must be an active agent that advances in the production of products and services with minimum environmental impact and the lowest possible consumption of energy and natural resources possible, whilst incorporating sustainability criteria in its value chains.

The SCP/RAC offers services and technical capacity building for businesses to aid them in adopting mechanisms of cleaner production and resource efficiency as a factor for competitiveness and economic performance. It also provides training in reducing the generation and use of hazardous chemicals in the industrial sector by means of the best available techniques (BAT) and the best environmental practices (BEP). The Centre also promotes green entrepreneurship, which integrates environmental, economic and social aspects in the very essence of the business activity and provides innovative solutions to how goods and services are produced and consumed.

The projects we develop for support and capacity building in the business and industrial sector are as follows:

Furthermore, the Centre makes a series of tools and resources available to the industrial and business sector, including:


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