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REACH Seminar in El Cairo

Last 20th October 2009, the CP/RAC organized in El Cairo (Egypt) a REACH regulation seminar in order to inform about the European legislation to companies and institutions of the country. This was the second out of three seminars held by CP/RAC in Mediterranean countries during 2009.

The seminar was organized by the CP/RAC with the collaboration of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency and a total of 100 participants from different sectors attended to the event.

The goal of the seminar was to show the public sector of the Egypt, the chambers of commerce and business associations, as well as the companies directly, the challenges and opportunities that the REACH regulations propose to their companies and especially in the trade with the European Union. The seminar had a practical character and showed the various aspects of this regulation. Companies from Egypt received training on the application of the European regulation REACH, the objective of which is the evaluation of chemical substances.

In order to reach a more technical character, the CP/RAC counted on the participation of an expert consultant in REACH with years of experience in its application. Moreover, as an illustration with examples, the presence of the company Comercial Química Masó was key to learn from their experience with the application of the regulations. A representative from the Ministry of Environment and Marine and Rural Affairs of Spain was present in order to show the spanish experiences.

Within 5 hours, the CP/RAC succeeded to introduce the regulations through these seminars, as well as to inform about how it works and raise the companie’s interest, taking into account both their specific needs to sell their products in the European Union and the implementing of the regulations by the public organisations.


REACH is the new legislation of the European Union (EU) relating to chemical products and their safe use. Its main aim is the registration, the evaluation and the authorisation of substances and chemicals (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). REACH substitutes numerous EU laws on environment and security, but does not replace specific sectorial legislations (as for instance, cosmetics and detergents).

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