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SCP News

SCP News is a digital newsletter published in English, French and Spanish by the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC). It contains news about its sphere of activity: sustainable consumption and production and the sound chemical management in the Mediterranean.

SCP News aims to be a site for the regular exchange of information between the National Focal Points of the SCP/RAC, the institutions, governments and agencies working in the environmental field throughout the region. The newsletter provides information about the various activities, projects, studies, programs etc. in each country and any significant innovations or information within this field.

You can download various issues of the SCP News published by the Center here.

November 2009 CP News 33

September 2009 CP News 32

March 2009 CP News 31

January 2009 CP News 30

October 2008 CP News 29

August 2008 CP News 28

April - May 2008 CP News 27

December 2007 CP News 26

September 2007 CP News 25

December - January 2007 CP News 24

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