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PROJECTS » ConsumpediaMed


The Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) works to promote sustainable lifestyles in line with the cultural, natural, economic and social heritage of Mediterranean societies.

The Centre believes that the generation and dissemination of information on the subject, as well as the promotion of education in matters of sustainable consumption, are imperative in contributing to the change to societies in which consumption and production take place in a more sustainable fashion.

For this reason, at the beginning of 2009 SCP/RAC created the website www.consumpediamed.org, the aim of which was to provide an informative tool to promote the more ethical and responsible consumption of certain products in the Mediterranean countries.

ConsumpediaMed currently provided information on 13 products (light bulbs, detergents, yogurt, books, wooden furniture, olive oil, computers, pasta, toothpaste, fish, sunscreen, tourism and trainers) in four languages (Catalan, Spanish, English and French).

These products have been selected based on their relevance for Mediterranean countries, quantitative and qualitative consumption, the environmental impact generated and/or the options available for a more sustainable consumption.

Since it was first launched online, ConsumpediaMed has been warmly welcomed by the different actors working in the field of responsible consumption in the Mediterranean.


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