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News Archive » 5th BAT4MED PTB and PMB meetings held in Cairo

5th BAT4MED PTB and PMB meetings held in Cairo

15th January 2013 | Updated: 28th February 2013

On December 11th, 12th and 13th of 2012, EEAA hosted the 5th Project Management Board (PMB) and Project Technical Board (PTB) meetings in Cairo, Egypt. Representatives from VITO, SSSUP, IAT, CEDARE, CP/RAC and CITET attended the meeting along with EEAA hosts.

The main objective of these meetings was to agree on a roadmap for each Work Package (WP), for the final period of the project. Indeed, Bat4Med project ends in May 2013.

Special attention was given to WP 3 "Development of BAT sector Reports", WP 4 "Towards policy convergence in pollution, prevention and control", WP 5 "Awareness creation and Dissemination" and WP6 "Exploitation and Sustainability", which deliverables are due in the next few months.

For WP3, VITO assessed the state of play of the Bat reports, one of the main outputs of the project. These reports should be finalized at the end of December before being reviewed by the Expert Group in February 2013.

IAT, as leader of WP4, presented the methodology that will be used to analyse the policy frameworks of each MPC that support the implementation of BAT, and set the roadmap for the upcoming months in order to draw the national analysis and policy briefings that are to undertaken for each country.

For WP5, the partners agreed on the schedule of final events to present project results. The project strategy on communication and dissemination will also be drawn by CP/RAC, thanks to the input of all members.

Finally, CEDARE presented its approach for the design of the sustainability strategy under WP6, which objective is to ensure the continuity of the project after its official end.

The next PTB and PMB meetings will be held in May, in Jordan after the project final event to finalize all deliverables.


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