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News Archive » New eco-entrepreneurial projects in the Mediterranean

New eco-entrepreneurial projects in the Mediterranean

7th August 2013 | Updated: 1st October 2013

Entrepreneurs are considered key drivers of economic progress thanks to their contribution to technological innovation and job creation. Accordingly, eco-entrepreneurs are called to have a leading role in the transition to economies that integrate environmental capital as an asset for development and that are socially inclusive.

In this sense, CP/RAC wants to give visibility to the four winning projects of Incubaeco Barcelona 2013 to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and the exchange of experiences between future eco-entrepreneurs:

GrowinPallet propose the creation of a new profession: the urban farmers, through the establishment of a network of arable top-roofs while promoting the exchange of vegetables and knowledge through an online community. 

This initiative wants to renew the link with the land promoting the biodiversity and improving the quality of life of citizens.

Cam and Break: discovering natural environments in a single way is a peer to peer platform where you can find ways to enjoy the nature or ways to make profitable your rural lands.

On one hand, in the Mediterranean area are abundant and underutilized natural areas and, on the other hand, more and more people from the city have lost their links with the countryside and the nature. Camp and Break wants facilitate the meeting of these needs by promoting sustainable tourism that favors the development of the area.

Genera - Consensus for Global Development aims at providing services of facilitation for plans and projects, improvement of environmental governance and training to citizens and professionals.  

The idea comes from the need to further develop renewable energy projects as well as all sort of public infrastructures and environmental – territorial policies based on consensus with the different stakeholders.

VermiDesign is a project that promotes the recycling of organic wastes in the city through the design and commercialization of urban composters, so that the process is simple, easy to implement on balconies and terraces and esthetically appealing.

The new design has introduced a range of technical improvements that will allow carrying out the process without power and water costs, no flies and with minimal maintenance.


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