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News Archive » Process and BAT databases nearly to be enlarged

Process and BAT databases nearly to be enlarged

17th September 2012 | Updated: 13th November 2012

From May 31st, the 2 technological databases foreseen in the BAT4MED Project are available online through the project’s website. During September, 50 Horizontal Datasheets are being developed and designed to be included into the databases. Those tools are useful not only for the project, but they also constitute valuable information resources for companies, researchers, academia and public officers looking for more environmentally-friendly techniques.

These databases form the backbone for drafting chapters 3 “Description of the industrial processes and environmental aspects”, and 4 “Description of the potential environmentally friendly techniques” of the BAT reports and will also be an interesting tool to assist future development of BAT reports in the Mediterranean region. One database focuses on Industrial Process Technology. This database includes de description of the production processes and techniques currently applied in the dairy and textile sectors. It has been built using the data and information from the European BREF reports. The other database is based on standard Environmentally Friendly Techniques. Standard techniques are considered as “candidate BAT” for each selected industrial sector. This database consists of a number of factsheets covering the description of these standard techniques, their applicability, environmental benefit, cross media effects, costs and existing operational data added with examples for both dairy and textile sectors. The data related to horizontal environmentally friendly techniques for this database have been obtained from the analysis of horizontal European BREFs.

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Sant Pau Recinte Modernista. Pavelló de Nostra Senyora de la Mercè Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167. 08025 Barcelona, Catalunya (Spain)