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News Archive » You can now discover the full SCP Regional Action Plan for the Mediterranean, for download!

You can now discover the full SCP Regional Action Plan for the Mediterranean, for download!

12th June 2017

The Regional Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Mediterranean is fully available in both its French and English versions.

This unique document was adopted in Athens in February 2016, during the 19th meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention (COP19). Its main objective is to bring together governments and national and regional organizations for the same fight: to protect the Mediterranean against pollution, to rethink the impact of human activity on its ecosystem, and to adopt more sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Common objectives and a willingness of countries to move forward in the same dynamic have allowed for the hatching of the Action Plan, as well as another step forward toward concrete projects.

The adoption and dissemination of this Action Plan is an important step for the future of the Mediterranean basin and its coastlines. It has thus become the first treaty in the Mediterranean basin to focus its efforts on the need to turn toward a more sustainable economy based on a circular economy, a more environmentally-friendly consumption, and greener production methods. Gaetano Leone, Coordinator of the UN Environment/MAP, evokes the environmental challenges common to all in the Mediterranean Sea: "these challenges are mainly tied to the way in which human activities have developed over the years. […] Meeting these challenges requires the transition to a non-polluting and socially-inclusive green economy through the adoption of sustainable production and consumption patterns, thus dissociating the development of environmental degradation and the depletion of resources".

The Regional Action Plan is structured around four economic sectors which are key to the region, but which have a high impact on the level of pollution in the Mediterranean. These sectors are the following: food, fisheries, and agriculture; tourism; goods manufacturing; housing and construction.

It is urgent to develop activities implementing the SCP Action Plan in each of these sectors, at different levels, and throughout the Mediterranean basin.

The document addresses the vision, objectives, and applicable actions of the SCP Action Plan. You will also find the roadmap for the implementation of the plan, as well as in-depth definitions of technical terms. We invite you to discover the entire SCP Action Plan and to share it with others, for effective action against pollution in the Mediterranean basin.

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