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News Archive » Launching of the GRECO initiative in Tunis

Launching of the GRECO initiative in Tunis

23rd November 2009 | Updated: 14th January 2010

On the 29th of September 2009 the GRECO Initiative was introduced in Tunis.  The launching Forum has counted with the participation of M. Samir BELAID, General Manager of the CITET, International Center of Environmental Technology of Tunis, Mr. Nadhir HAMADA, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, of a representative of the Department of Industry and Energy and of Small and Medium Businesses and a representative of the UTICA, Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts. Luisa García-Valdecasas, manager of the GRECO Initiative, was the person responsible to explain the benefits and the opportunities that the initiative represents.

From another side, the Tripartite Agreement of Partnership between CAR/PP, UTICA and CITET was signed for the development of the GRECO Initiative in Tunis. This agreement implies among other aims, the organization of a Launching Forum of GRECO in Tunis, promote the initiative next to the small and medium Tunisian enterprises, count on the virtual platform of Tunisian companies, developed in the frame of the GRECO Initiative, dedicated to self-auditing for the Tunisian MSB, the provision of documentation as well as its diffusion and the support of experts from CP/RAC  the same time provide with an exchange of experiences between Tunis and other countries. The experiences of green competitiveness that are going to be executed in Tunis will be published, since the annual reports that GRECO carries out and that have an international diffusion, are an example for other companies. 


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