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News Archive » CP/RAC held its 8th National Focal Points Meeting in Barcelona

CP/RAC held its 8th National Focal Points Meeting in Barcelona

27th May 2011 | Updated: 20th June 2011
8ª Reunión de Puntos Focales Nacionales del CAR/PL

From 22nd to 24th of May, the Regional Activity Center for Cleaner Production (CP/RAC) held its 8th National Focal Points Meeting in Barcelona (Spain).

The meeting had thirty-three participants among National Focal Points of the Center, international experts, representatives of environmental institutions in the Mediterranean region and all the CP/RAC team. The countries that assisted to the meeting were Albania, Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Montenegro, Slovenia, Spain, Syria and Tunis. On the other hand, the Director of MEDPOL, the MEDU Programme Officer and the Programme Officer for the Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention also participated in the meeting.

The meeting was conceived and organized according to sustainability criteria in different areas. It was a paper-free event, the accommodation for participants was in a hotel which has an environmental management system in place and the meeting venue is owned by a foundation that works in the protection of environment. During the meeting it was used collective transport to get around the city and any emissions produced were offset.

The first day of the meeting, the CP/RAC Director, Enrique de Villamore, explained the activities that the Center has done in the last two years and the different members of the CP/RAC team described to the participants the main ongoing projects on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) assistance to countries, business and civil society.

The second day of the meeting, the CP/RAC Director explained the Center proposal for the Work Plan 2012 – 2013 taking into account the 5 years MAP Work Program and its Themes (Governance, Integrated Zone Coastal Management, Pollution Prevention and Control, Sustainable Consumption and Production and Climate Change). After the presentation, a discussion was opened and all the participants made their recommendations and comments to the document. Some members of the CP/RAC team described the role Center in different Mediterranean regional projects such as the Stockholm Convention on POPs, Medpartnership, CAMP, Horizon 2020, Sustainable Events Initiative and BAT4MED.

Finally, the last day of the meeting, a conclusions document was adopted. That document contains the recognition of the work done by the Center in promotion the shift to sustainable patterns of consumption and production in the Mediterranean region in the past years and also it contains the requests by the National Focal Points regarding to the orientation of the CP/RAC activities in the nearly future.

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