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News Archive » EU to ban cadmium in jewellery, brazing sticks and all plastics

EU to ban cadmium in jewellery, brazing sticks and all plastics

6th June 2011 | Updated: 13th July 2011

Cadmium in jewellery, plastics and brazing sticks will be banned in the EU from December 2011. High levels of the harmful substance cadmium have been found in some jewellery articles, especially in imported imitation jewellery. Consumers including children risked being exposed to cadmium through skin contact or through licking.

The new legislation prohibits the use of cadmium in all types of jewellery products, except for antiques. The ban also covers cadmium in all plastics and brazing sticks, which are used to join dissimilar materials as fumes that are released during this process are highly dangerous if inhaled.

The ban ensures that EU consumers are better protected against exposure to cadmium, and will reduce environmental pollution from cadmium. It will be adopted as an amendment under REACH.

More information on REACH and cadmium restrictions: http://ec.europa.eu

EU Press release: http://europa.eu


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