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News Archive » Involvement by the CP/RAC in the “Olive oil export development” project in Palestine

Involvement by the CP/RAC in the “Olive oil export development” project in Palestine

31st August 2011

The olive oil industry is of great importance in Palestine: some 100,000 households depend on olive cultivation and olive oil production in the West Bank and Gaza, where it is a major source of wealth and employment. It has been calculated that its contribution to Palestinian GDP is in the order of 5%.

In order to help Palestinian companies adapt to the basic requirements of international food markets and improve their access to such markets, the International Finance Corporation (IFC-World Bank) has carried out a project to promote the exporting of olive oil from Palestine, and improve its efficiency and environmental sustainability (water consumption, waste, etc.), decreasing its environmental impact and improving the use of by-products from this industry.

The CP/RAC is collaborating with general surveys conducted on 7 companies and cooperatives in the industry. The analyses gather information about:

  • Oil production: quantity, quality, destination, etc.

 § Processing capacity  

  • Processing system   
    § Process control. Recorded information.
    § The building: zones, dimensions, construction standards, finishing materials, health aspects, etc.
    § Water supply: salt, quality, quantity.
    § Water consumption
    § Description of the main equipment: receipt, pressing, fuel storage, bottling, transport, etc.
    § Auxiliary devices and equipment: energy, water supply, heating, supervision, laboratory, water supply, warehouses, etc.
    § Liquid effluent: type, amount, quality and quality
    § Solid by-products (olive cake, olive pomace, etc.) and their management.
    § The main problems in relation to local perceptions.

Strategies and actions were suggested based on these surveys and a seminar with companies in the sector was held in Palestine.

Plans are under development to continue the collaboration in the project with IFC by selecting one or two pilot projects that are feasible from a technical and economic point of view. 


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